The 3M Framework for Clutter Freedom Forever

👇Exclusive workshop with Emily Chapelle.👇

Watch the video to learn my 3-part framework for solving clutter at the root, keeping it away forever, and moving on with your life,
and get all the details about working with me in the Declutter to Live program.

Are you ready to create a clutter-free home that serves you and your family every single day?

Now is your chance to join Declutter to Live, but only until the offer expires:

Please note – tuition is currently LOWER than listed in the workshop video,

AND you will get 12 months access, instead of 6 months
…until the timer runs out! 

$250/month for 12 months 
$2500 pay in full (Save $500!)

Bonus “From Clutter Into Ca$h” mini course:

How to turn your junk into a quick infusion of money without sacrificing your freedom in the meantime. The mini course alone could help you offset the entire investment in the program!

Pay in full bonuses:

  • Save $500 off your tuition
  • 30 minute 1:1 call with Emily – use any time during the year

Declutter to Live is an investment…

  • In your future, exactly as you want it to be.
  • In your freedom, which you 100% deserve.
  • In your relationships, which will thrive SO much more without this layer of stress.
  • In your mental health, because the clutter/ anxiety/ depression cycle is proven and real.
  • In your family, since you’ll be able to change the beliefs and the lessons you’re passing down.
  • In your memories, which – like it or not – you’re creating every single day. (Let’s get things so that you do like it.)

I don’t want money to be the reason you don’t invest in these truly priceless outcomes. That’s why I’ve created…

From Clutter into Ca$h

A mini course all about the best ways to turn your junk into quick cash (but without sacrificing your freedom, or sucking you into guilt about “recouping” what you spent on things). 

You’ll get this mini course FREE when you enroll in Declutter to Live, and it could help you offset the entire investment of the program! Plus…

Declutter-Buddy Bonus

Once you’re enrolled in Declutter to Live, you can invite friends to apply, too. Decluttering is more fun with friends, amiright? If your friend likes what they see and enrolls, you’ll receive a super generous bonus as a thank you! So you can earn as you learn, in Declutter to Live!

Imagine the weight finally lifted from your shoulders.

What will it feel like once the constant to-do list in your mind is quieted?

Imagine what it will feel like…

…to have a friend say “I’m in your area. Can I pop by?” and answer without hesitation, “Come on over!”

…when you know exactly where everything you need is, and you can put your hands on it within a few seconds instead of wasting time searching.

… to finally end the power struggle with your kids over their messy rooms, leading by example, knowing exactly how to show them the way, and having them respond positively.

…to have a plumber fix your sink, hire someone to refinish your floors, or have your landlord pop by without having a panic attack.

…when you’re heading home from a wonderful vacation, actually looking forward to walking in through your front door.

…to work on some of your hobbies, read a book, go out with friends, or just take care of yourself, without any to-do-list guilt.

…when your friends and family tell you that not only does your home looks GREAT, but also that you seem really happy and less stressed these days.

From cluttered mind to uncluttered closet.

Beth is the queen of planning. One of her favorite hobbies is planning Pinterest-worthy birthday parties for her five (earthside) children.

So she had ALL of the ideas, plans, and lists for how to declutter, especially in her closet (her worst spot), but when it came time to actually DO it, she was paralyzed.

She’d just stare at the mess and wonder what was wrong with herself. She felt broken, and all the advice and “tips” she tried, just made her feel even worse when she was unable to take action.

With Declutter to Live, Beth was able to get to the root of the problem – all the noise in her head that was holding her back from making choices. With coaching and practice, she learned different ways to use her mind, so that SHE was in control.

No more procrastination-by-perfectionism. No more analysis paralysis. She was in the driver’s seat for the first time in a long time!

Armed with the simplest, most effective plan, and finally addressing the noise in her head, Beth made rapid progress – both in her closet, and in the rest of her life.

For this busy mom, the first time’s the charm.

Jennifer had never tried decluttering before. In fact, she had never joined a decluttering group or challenge, read a decluttering book, or listened to decluttering podcasts. 

All she knew was she didn’t want to waste time on things that weren’t going to actually work the first time. 

She had NO time to waste. Working from home full-time, with 3 kids (one newborn), and with plans to move into her dream home in 3 months, Jennifer was already busier than a lot of people. Adding decluttering to her schedule seemed impossible.

But where there’s a will (and a simplified plan with step-by-step instructions and intimate support), there’s a way. Jennifer prioritized her decluttering, stayed focused, and the week before her move, she announced that she had FINISHED.

Her move was super-smooth. She finished unpacking in DAYS! And now she has more mental space (and time savings) for having adventures with her family. 

From frazzled first-time mom to thriving family and life.

As a new mom trying to find her footing, Heather noticed that her toddler was consistently more calm and focused in a friend’s uncluttered home. In her own home, her daughter would scream in overwhelm, moving from toy to toy quickly. For her daughter’s sake (and her own sanity), Heather needed a change.

First, she tried all of the cookie-cutter advice – toy rotation, opaque baskets for storage, moving toy sets with many pieces out of reach, and asking questions like “Have I used this in the last year?” None of it worked.

She realized she needed to do something completely different in order to make a real change.

In Declutter to Live, Heather finally had support in creating and executing a personalized plan that would work for her family. Within 6 months, she was living a completely new life.

Since she “graduated” from Declutter to Live, she’s moved into a home 1/4 the size, added another child to her family, built a thriving farm business, and created a nonprofit from the ground up.

No one in her family is missing the clutter of excess, or the stress that comes with it.

My clients are regular people with real lives, with families to care for, careers, obligations, and full calendars.

If they can do it, so can you.

What if today is the perfect time to jump in, get support, and write YOUR success story?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You spend an entire month decluttering a single room or closet, and then you can’t maintain it no matter what you do.

  • Every single year, you make a New Year’s resolution to finally declutter your home… and secretly fantasize about burning it all to the ground and starting over.

  • You feel like you weren’t taught the lessons you needed to learn about managing stuff as a kid, and now you’re terrified you’re repeating the cycle with your own children.

  • You’ve visit with friends who have kids and lives just like yours, but their homes are clutter-free and you have no idea how they’re doing it.

  • You’re working way too hard all of the time just to manage the stuff in your home, and you’re burning yourself out.

  • You’re constantly on the alert, battling a river of stuff coming into your home, instead of just having the things that serve you and your family.

You were not born into this life to suffer.

Ready to finally be FINISHED decluttering?

Declutter to Live is an intensive virtual group coaching program where:

  • Even with a busy life, kids, and an already-full calendar, you’ll finally make real progress in your home.

  • You’ll clear the clutter from every space in your home, with the most comprehensive (but simple!) method that leaves no stone unturned.

  • You’ll practice and solidify the habits and mind shifts that secure your permanently clutter-free future. 

You will finally know exactly what the next step should be, with a crystal clear plan to get freedom from clutter — from start to finish. 

And for the first time ever, the progress you make will stick, with no backsliding.

With checklists to keep you on task and weekly virtual face-to-face coaching calls to help you work through any snags you come up against, you can feel confident that this time, things will be different.

A simplified program for decluttering.

You’ve seen the programs that promise to show you how to declutter, but that swamp you with endless articles to read, worksheets to fill out, and email reminders throughout the day. 

I know you don’t have time for that. I wasted 6 years that way, personally. I burned myself out and had no progress to show for it.

You’ve already been doing searches on Google, and swimming in the endless information… You could do that forever, if something doesn’t change.

Enough is enough! You want a simple, straightforward, step-by-step path to transformation, and you’re in the right place.

I give you exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t. Your time is valuable, and I’m interested in giving you MORE free time by helping you declutter efficiently, not wasting your time with a bloated course curriculum.

You’ve come this far already. Your freedom is waiting for you!

Keep the momentum going, challenge the default, and join Declutter to Live now.

I know there can be a lot of questions and hesitation if you’re considering decluttering your home once and for all.

Especially if you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to get bogged down in unimportant stuff, get off track and distracted, and never end up with your freedom.

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

Declutter to Live isn’t your typical decluttering program.

It’s a six-month online program,
where you’ll get everything you need in order to reframe your relationship with stuff,
declutter your entire home, and gain your freedom forever.


A step-by-step plan.

You’ll never be confused about what to do next. You’ll have checklists so you can keep track of your progress, journaling prompts (but only when they are crucial – no fluff here), and personalized tools for deciding exactly what to keep and what to let go of.

Guidance and coaching.

Virtual face-to-face coaching calls each week give you the opportunity to work through any snags you come up against. 

Whether a kid got sick, someone made a comment that caused you to spiral into mental drama, or your partner came home from an estate sale with “presents”…  with coaching, speed bumps don’t turn into roadblocks, and you can keep making progress.

Supportive community.

You’ll join a tight-knit cohort of inspired women who are transforming their homes and lives. You’ll learn from their challenges and celebrations, which will accelerate and amplify your own results.

Don’t do it alone.

Having personalized coaching and support, and being a part of a real community is so much better than decluttering in a solo, self-guided way.

And what does that mean? It means that for the first time, you’ll have everything you need in order to create your clutter-free home in a way that feels 100% right to you.

Step into your new life!

Your goals are within your reach, and you’ve got the right attitude to go ALL the way to clutter-freedom.

Otherwise your application wouldn’t have been accepted (yes, really).

Don’t keep trying the same things you already know aren’t going to work for you. Get the plan, support, community, and coaching you need, starting TODAY.

Your clutter-free future looks so bright.

Q: How long will it take to declutter my entire house?

A: The next six months could change your life forever.

Declutter to Live is set up to let you go at your own pace, since everyone has a different home, schedule, starting point, life, and timeline.

One of my clients zipped through the program, doing entire units in a day or two. She finished decluttering her entire home in only 2 months!

Another has taken a slower pace, celebrating that even when she took a long break from the work, her new mindset and habits “held her place” so that nothing slid back into clutter in the meantime.

Most of my dedicated clients who are committed to getting their freedom have done the majority of the work within 3-6 months.

Here’s just one example of how the next 6 months could look for you,
within the Declutter to Live program:

Imagine how your life could be different from you 6 months from now.

Do you want that change? Or more of the same?

Q: Will I need to be anywhere “live” for classes?

A: Declutter to Live is an entirely online program.

You can do the whole thing from home, on your own schedule.

All of the core content is pre-recorded and waiting for you now, in an easy-to-navigate program dashboard, that works smoothly whether you’re on your computer, your phone, or your tablet.

The private Facebook group for community and support is available to you 24/7.

Coaching calls are live, and done with a user-friendly video meeting app, so clients all over the world have been able to attend – and so can you!

But if you miss a call? No worries – they’re all recorded so you can catch up later.

You can choose the time that works best for you, even if:

🦉You’ve always been a night owl and prefer staying up late.

👶🏽You have the most time to focus and get things done during the baby’s nap.

☀️You like to declutter before your family wakes up, and listen to lessons during your lunch break.

🗓You’re a weekend warrior who does marathon sessions on the weekends, and practices maintenance during the week.

🚗You have a long commute for listening to lessons and doing mental practice, so you can hit the ground running with decluttering as soon as you’re home for the evening.

⏱The best you can do is chunks of “stolen time” here and there, but you’re committed to being consistent with making the most of your short stints!

Q: What if my family isn’t helping me declutter?

A: You have more power to create change than you think.

A large part of the Declutter to Live philosophy is understanding what you can control and accepting that you can’t control other people or outside circumstances. And then doing what you can do without obsessing over the rest.

In the mindset lessons and coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions, so you can move forward with action-taking on your own, without resentment.

And when the magic clicks for you, and you’re feeling empowered to make massive changes in your home (within what you do control), the amazing thing is…

… it rubs off. It spreads. It grows. 

When you’re standing in your home in an energy of positive authority over the “stuff” (meaning the stuff no longer controls you), the other people in your family will notice. They’ll pick up on your changing energy. And their energy will shift too.


It may take time, but the time will pass anyway…
so which of these stories do you want to come true for you?

  • When a client’s husband came home from his habitual thrift-store shopping empty-handed for the first time in years?
  • When, months after my client had completed her decluttering through my program, her husband asked to go through the program himself to take care of his own things?
  • When a client’s 7 year old thanked her for helping her tame the play room, because it was so much more fun to play and create art?
  • When a client’s toddler suddenly stopped throwing tantrums, because the energy of the home had shifted so completely?
  • When just a couple weeks into Declutter to Live, a client’s preschooler brought her a pile of toys to donate, unprompted?

When it comes to managing “stuff,” your family is looking for a leader.
You can be that leader.
No need to drag anyone onboard… they’ll follow when you are making real changes.

Now is your time to step into your new life.

You really have two choices at this point…

Stay stuck.

Keep Googling. Keep trying “challenges,” working hard with no guidance or support. Hope that this time will be the time the challenges work for you for your whole home.
(Do you really think it will be different?)

Reach your goals.

Get the step-by-step plan that really works, for good. Ask for help from someone besides YouTube, your best friend, and your mother-in-law. Finish decluttering your home this year and finally have the freedom to move on with your life.

Think about your goals for this year.

Do you already have a crystal-clear plan to get there? Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel, or does it feel like it’s going to take forever? Do you WANT it to take forever?

Stop trying to scrap something together from bits and pieces you pick up from friends, blog posts, and Facebook groups. Let me help you finish the job so you can finally breathe, have more fun with your family, and have a more fulfilling life.