My gift to you: Your weekly decluttering planner!

This printable planner will help you stay on track, no matter what decluttering method you’re using. 

Print several, and put them on a clipboard in your kitchen, on your desk, or wherever you’ll see it often.

You can use it to write dinner plans, family activities you need to remember, and any shopping list items or reminders that pop up throughout the week.

But the magic is in the weekly focus, daily checklists, and the daily Top 3.

Here’s how to use your planner:

  • At the beginning of each week, consult your decluttering plan and write your focus for the week at the top of this planner.

  • Each evening, write your Top 3 “to do” priorities for the next day. These may or may not be connected to the decluttering plan – but they’re the things that MUST get done the next day. Make sure these are achievable!

  • Every day, do at LEAST 15 minutes of decluttering. The 15 minutes is a minimum and designed to be a “bite sized” task to get you started. Set a timer, but once the timer is finished counting down, if you still have energy and focus, keep going!

  • Every day, process your mail. Paper clutter can sneak up on you. You can make sure it won’t get worse than it already is by handling the things that arrive in your mail box each day. Toss anything you don’t NEED into the recycling, take action on bills and other action items that arrive (immediately), and add any important information (contact info, events, due dates) into your calendar or address book.

  • The 15 minute tidy is for “picking up,” not hardcore cleaning or decluttering. Just like the 15 minute declutter, it’s meant to be a starting point. If you do more than 15 minutes, that’s great! Put things where they belong. I love doing this before lunch and before bedtime. But pick a time that works best for you.

  • Before you go to bed, write tomorrow’s top 3 on the top of the next day. These aren’t meant to be written any further in advance than the night before. You know how to-dos tend to “slide,” and how guilty you can feel when they do! So keep the planning time frame tight, so that you can lessen the “sliding” potential!

I hope you find it as helpful as I have!



Click here to download – weekly planner printable